Male Hosiery

male hosiery     Male pantyhose have been around for a while – at least in theory for most people. In the beginning, the whole idea seemed to struggle to gain traction with the masses, but apparently there are huge driving forces behind it which do not give up until the male of the species begin wearing this traditionally female garment as a regular everyday clothing item too. First, there was only one manufacturer, (Comfilon if I'm not mistaking), then others begin to surface and various styles of mantyhose appeared, supposedly as a response to the public's increasing needs.
Pantyhose on men is a subject that raises eyebrows and generates radical opinions to this day. There are few who are ambiguous to it: people tend to either hate it or to love it. Is mantyhose a legitimate new fashion trend or are nylons on male legs just plain wrong?
If one is to approach the issue from a politically correct angle, then yes, men should be entitled to wear whatever they please, without generating prejudice or without even raising eyebrows. There are certain bounds that society imposes on the individual that are just meant to be broken and clothing may well be a part of this category.
It we look at it from an esthetic perspective though, things are a little bit harder to stomach simply for the reason that while men do indeed have legs too (according to the slogan of a male pantyhose brand), not all male legs are made for sheer nylons and that there may well be an understatement. Certainly, there are men out there who can pull off tights. It is also true that the vast majority of men should never even consider the idea.
The bottom line is that the acceptability of pantyhose for men comes down to the way pantyhose are worn. What's the biggest single visually obvious difference between male and female legs? The fact that most men have naturally hairy legs. Not only is body-hair unsightly under see-through nylons, it creates all sorts of inconveniences when it comes to wearing nylons. Pantyhose worn on hairy legs have a nasty tendency to slide downwards as the hairs prevent the nylon from clinging to the skin the way it should.

The answer: while it is not compulsory by any measure, men who intend to wear pantyhose should definitely shave their legs or get rid of the hair somehow. Just take a look at some of the men's pantyhose packages and promo pictures. None of them feature hairy legs in hose.
Other than that, the same fashion rules apply to men's pantyhose as to women's: if you have gnarly legs with curves in all the wrong places, don't flaunt them in nylons. Be extremely careful with patterns. Male pantyhose is still extremely new to the fashion world and if the simple fact that you wear nylons raises eyebrows, picking some other-worldly pattern is an almost guaranteed way to make a fool of yourself.