Pantyhose fetishism

    Due to the nature of this website, I think it's inevitable that pantyhose fetishists visit these pages as well; therefore it is suitable that we address that issue too. For people less open for the unusual, pantyhose fetishism is like some sort of a nasty disease with unknown origins. In reality, it is everything but that though. Turns out that being a pantyhose fetishist doesn't mean one is homosexual, nor does it mean that he/she is some sort of a weirdo. Apparently, it is about as harmful from an erotic perspective as being the member of a motorcycle club or collecting stamps.
What exactly is pantyhose fetishism though? Pantyhose fetishism is by definition a form of fetishism (sexual desire induced by the presence and visual appearance of certain inanimate objects), related to ladies' pantyhose. This peculiar form of fetishism seems to have deep roots in pantyhose fetishists, in the sense that it can usually be traced back to an early childhood experience.

How pantyhose fetishists get hooked on nylons is relatively easy to explain. Given the visually appealing nature of pantyhose and the fact that kids are easy to visually impress, the whole thing is self-explanatory really. Pantyhose fetishism may or may not extend to stockings and bodystockings. More often than not, pantyhose fetishism starts before puberty when those who go on to develop the fetish, experiment by wearing their sister's or their mother's hosiery. Pantyhose fetishism may manifest itself in several ways:
- Males/females wearing hosiery alone and experiencing sexual arousal as a result.
- One or both partners wearing pantyhose/stockings during sexual intercourse.
- The simple fondling of pantyhose/hosiery with the goal of attaining sexual arousal.
- Experiencing increased arousal when watching females in pantyhose.
- Completely encasing oneself in pantyhose.
- etc.

Pantyhose fetishism is – from a social perspective – off the beaten path and therefore not readily acceptable. This lack of social acceptance may lead to the development of guilt and doubt in pantyhose fetishists who may even begin to question their own sexual orientation as a result.
According to statistics however, the vast majority of pantyhose fetishist males are NOT the least bit attracted to the same sex: they are overwhelmingly heterosexual. A handy explanation would be that the very essence of the attraction that pantyhose and nylons exert over this category is rooted in the underlying femininity of hosiery. Someone who is not – by nature – attracted to femininity, will find it difficult to place pantyhose onto a fetish pedestal. It is indeed statistically confirmed that homosexuals don't really care much about wearing pantyhose or seeing other people wear it. Therefore, fetishists shouldn't question themselves from a sexual perspective, simply on account of society's failure to accept the highly unusual/shocking.
Most pantyhose fetishists will keep their turn-on a secret though, and this secrecy and feeling of guilt may in time further amplify an already voracious fetish.

Given the fact that most males seem to appreciate the visual appearance of female legs encased in nylons more than the bare-legged look, it is safe to say that the majority of males do in fact nurture some degree of pantyhose fetishism. Some however take this preference for nylon clad legs further, and those are commonly referred to as "fetishists". At the end of the day, it is really only a question of how much one likes the nylon look.
Another issue that often arises in the mind of the pantyhose fetishist: does pantyhose and nylon fetishism have anything to do with trans-sexuality and transgender issues? The answer is again: no. As long as one doesn't feel like he/she is in fact a member of the opposite sex stuck in the wrong body, trans-sexuality is out of the question. Such issues run much deeper than getting kick out of putting on some nylons.