Pantyhose and the Entertainment Industry

pantyhose entertainment industry June 23, 2011

   We all tend to look at the fashion industry whenever it comes to predicting future trends (like a possible re-emergence of sheer hosiery in main stream fashion), but where we should be looking instead is the entertainment industry. That’s where the fashion industry seems to get its clues, therefore entertainment industry trends are quite probably the most accurate predictors of what’s in store fashion-wise.
If we take a good look back at what started the bare legged trend which still wreaks fashion-havok all over the country, and analyze its roots, we’ll be surprised to find that the one responsible for the fashion fiasco was none other than Sarah Jessica Parker and her ‘Sex and the City’ co-stars, who ran around town in the movie dressed up and bare legged. The masses were quick to jump onto the bandwagon and as the trend began to conquer new ground, the rest of the entertainment industry joined in too: after all, actresses and socialites are expected to be trend setters and not followers, right?

If the above theory does indeed hold water the way we think it does, then we’re about to see the bare-legged fad fizzle out soon. The time when young women will look at a Sex and the City episode and find the bare legged look funny in an embarrassing kind of way, may not be that far off.
What gives us hope regarding the return of pantyhose to their rightful place in fashion is the fact that nowadays, the entertainment industry is where hosiery seems to be yet again appreciated. There were always actresses who never bought into the bare legged trend, but what’s even more promising is that a generation of new stars, viewed as fashion icons by the youth, seems as hell-bent on wearing hosiery as the Sex and the City women were on banishing nylons from their wardrobes forever.

Beyonce Knowles, Lady Gaga and their apparent love for hosiery have already been covered on the pages of this site, but there are other stars like Katie Holmes, Milla Jovovich, Megan Fox and Kate Moss who seem to whole-heartedly endorse the new pantyhose trend.
If there’s one thing certain about fashion is that it goes around in cycles. It’s a little bit like business: for the true visionary, what’s here and what works today is already history. One needs to look beyond that to ever hope to gain a glimpse into the future. The bare legged style is in today. What’s ‘in’ today though, will quite certainly be ‘out’ tomorrow, and what’s not in the books today, will definitely be there come tomorrow.

It already looks like the first stages of the return of the pantyhose are beyond us already: the ‘bug’ has seemingly made the jump from the entertainment industry to the streets, albeit for now, only in a limited, bubble-protected manner. The January 18 Detroit Auto Show was a great example in this respect: all the models and the visitors there seemed to have bought into the ‘new’ pantyhose look, although from there to seeing pantyhose-covered legs on the Nation’s streets regularly, there’s still quite a bit of ground to cover. The wheels are already turning though…