No Nonsense pantyhose

No Nonsense pantyhose
   A true piece of genuine Americana, No Nonsense pantyhose have been around since 1972. So far, here at we've only really discussed expensive brands and high-class hosiery. We are by no means some sort of posh upper-class pantyhose lovers though, and we do in fact feel that recognizing the merits of mainstream budget hosiery like No Nonsense is our duty. As the company to come up with the first control tops, No nonsense definitely have their place within the annals of pantyhose and nylon hosiery history.

Despite the fact that quality-wise there are brands out there which pretty much outclass No Nonsense, the brand is still among the most popular pantyhose brands in the US, and thanks to the innovations and altered knitting technique it seems to have that spot locked up for a good while to come. Price-wise, these pantyhose are simply unbeatable.
Having had an iron grip on the US market for such a long time, No Nonsense produced few innovations and seemed content to enjoy its unchallenged position for years. That attitude did in fact draw the ire of the pantyhose-loving public, but that would soon change. When European pantyhose brands first appeared in the US, they started presenting a serious challenge to No Nonsense.
While these tights were usually more expensive, there were quite a few budget-options among them as well and that didn't sit well with No Nonsense. Having been quietly asleep at the top for years, when challenged, the company awoke and innovations started showing up in their products.
They branched out into women's accessories, intimates, sleepwear and casual legwear to diversify their portfolio, but we here at are only really focused on panty hose obviously, so those other undertakings by no Nonsense aren't really our kettle of fish.
The bottom line: although their heyday may have been back in the 70s, No Nonsense are still doing a decent job of hanging in there. Outclassed quality-wise though, they also represent the apparent inability of the US pantyhose industry to keep up with the European competition.