My first hands-on encounter with shiny nylon lycra

legging shorts I missed the 80s nylon-lycra craze pretty much completely on account of being way too young to develop any sort of interest for legwear of any kind. The nylon gene was already at work inside me though, and a good ten years later I was as big a nylon and pantyhose lover as I currently am. Pantyhose were obviously a perfect fit for me and I had always figured shiny nylon lycra leggings and shorts would be as well. By the late 90s however, buying nylon lycra was pretty much impossible. The last holdouts of the 80s shiny nylon fashion were only to be found in secluded thrift-shops, where they were off the radar of fetishists and other hosiery-interested people.

It was in one such thrift-shop where I picked up my first ever shiny nylon lycra shorts. The shiny black shorts weren't of a particularly well-known brand, nor were they impressive quality-wise. They were made of a thinner, less sturdy type of material, which was extremely glossy though and which became almost transparent when stretched out in front of a light-source, but looked solid and shimmery when worn the way it was meant to be worn.
As I took it home I laid it out on the bed and took a long hard look at it. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. The black nylon was glistening even in the dim light of the room, and its touch was smooth and silky, not unlike pantyhose, but much finer and much more slippery. Then I put the shorts on and instantly fell in love with nylon lycra leggings, forever.

The way they slid up on my thighs and onto my lower body felt like some sort of futuristic goo, slippery and elastic in the same time. Not everyone may like that feel, and not all nylon lycra leggings or shorts provide such a feeling. As a matter of fact, I've worn countless pairs of such legwear with and without pantyhose afterwards but I could never really recreate the magic of that first encounter. Not even with the same shorts.
That never meant however that my enthusiasm for tights and pantyhose would ever be set back even a tiny bit. If I seem a tad too enthusiastic about panty hose and leggings it's because I probably am. Am I a fetishist? While the exact definition of nylon fetishism doesn't quite seem to fit my particular case, I probably am much more than just a nylon lover.

Lil Sarah