Luxury Pantyhose – At $300+ a Pair, They’re Well Worth the Money

kim kardashian in wolford Pantyhose December 11, 2011

   So pantyhose are on their last legs huh? They’re out of style, they make you look old and so forth… at least that’s what haters blog about and herald. I wouldn’t fall for that propaganda though. What most haters see in front of their eyes when they talk about how much they hate pantyhose are the egg-crate colored, matte abominations that women used to wear in the past and that everyone associates with grannies these days. The pantyhose industry has evolved by leaps and bounds since then though. Modern pantyhose have about as much in common with the above described hosiery as a modern car does with a 70s model.

Designer luxury pantyhose are definitely not your mom’s pantyhose. These pantyhose are no longer meant to just keep legs warm and tummies flat, although they acquit themselves nicely of those tasks too: these pantyhose are accessories. That’s right, they come in so many designs and styles that they’re no longer just practical, they are aesthetic too and they possess the power to refresh and revitalize any outfit old or new. Kind of like designer handbags and bracelets, luxury pantyhose feature similarly steep prices.

A pair of Wolfords featuring some kind of a modern design-pattern can cost more than $300. For this much money, women purchase a practical indulgence. These modern pantyhose can be worn with a variety of clothes, thus they become a versatile accessory indeed. Just to give you an idea about the kind of costs we’re talking about: tights from Wolford’s Roses pantyhose range, which feature a back-seam and a flower pattern design, cost around $345. Bebaroque (a brand which we have reviewed here at, offers hand-designed pantyhose, which - needless to say – cost quite a bit too. Other high-end hosiery brands are Fogal and Falke.

How can one spend this much money on pantyhose though? It is common knowledge that pantyhose snag on pretty much everything, and they develop unsightly ladders in the blink of an eye. Well, that may indeed be the case with low end hosiery, but when you shell out $300+ for a pair of pantyhose, you can rightfully expect much more than that. These new high quality nylons are made with special fibers like Lycra Fusion, which prevent runs. Pantyhose that are properly cared for and put on and pulled off with care can and will last for years.
The public seems to be buying into the new hosiery trends too. Pantyhose sales have gone up by quite a bit and the upward trend seems to intensify. As a matter of fact, women have never spent as much money on hosiery as they do now.
Given the fact that more and more renowned fashion designers are also buying into the hosiery trend, it’s safe to assume that the popularity of hosiery will only shoot upwards in the months and years to come.