Lady GaGa and her Pantyhose – Good for the Popularity of Nylons or Not?

   The web is abuzz these days, proclaiming Lady GaGa (aka Joanne Stefani Germanotta) another pantyhose icon, in addition to Beyonce, Tina Turner and the scores of other female celebrities who like to wear panty hose wherever they go. The Fame Monster does indeed seem exceptionally fond of nylons, whether they come in the shape of patterned, shiny, control top or just about any other pantyhose style, including thigh high stockings. While it is beyond doubt that some of the fans who try to copy her style will inevitable pick up the waist-to-toe nylons, the question here is: do Lady Gaga’s pantyhose wearing ways impact the large public in a positive or in a negative way?

Celebrities in general are trend-setters. There’s Beyonce or Jessica Alba or even Paris Hilton, who use pantyhose in a “conventional” way in the sense that they enhance classy and elegant outfits with them (or in some cases, they try to). Lady Gaga on the other hand isn’t exactly known for being classy and conservative from a fashion-angle (understatement of the year alert). She’s more like a fashion freak and she’s proud of it. Her style is hard to copy, and even if one did have the determination and the resources to copy it, presumably there aren’t all that many women out there keen on indeed looking like Lady GaGa whether they’re her fans or not. The fact that she made her unique style stand out the way it does may be detrimental for the pantyhose image she creates: becoming part of a freak outfit won’t really help the long term popularity of hosiery. Then again, I could be wrong. After all, there’s plenty of more conventional pantyhose feedback hitting the airwaves and cyberspace, and more often than not, bad publicity is just as good as– if not better than – the mainstream variant.

lady gaga's pantyhose

The bottom line is: Lady GaGa rocks pantyhose and hosiery looks good on her. She does cross the line here and there, but given that such apparent faux pas are presumably intentional on her part, we’re ready to forgive her for them too. As for the question “why does Lady GaGa wear pantyhose seemingly all the time?” – that’s for her to know and us to ponder endlessly I suppose…though we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that she may just like them.