Lady Gaga Hits the Street in Pantyhose Yet Again

Lady Gaga in Pantyhose 2012 March 30, 2012

   Lady Gaga has been known to wear shocking and provocative outfits and her love for hosiery has also been quite obvious over the years. She may have called for a time-out with the press (in a recent Oprah Winfrey interview) and she may appear bent on avoiding attention, but if this is how she plans to achieve it, she definitely has a hell of a way to stay out of the lime-light: on her 26th birthday (happy B-day BTW) she stepped out wearing a motorcycle jacket, a crown and sheep pantyhose with no pants. Now then, before you put her in the same pot with the pantyhose flasher who's been all over the news for the last couple of weeks: she was actually covered up. She wore panties (or were they hotpants?) under her sheer tights.

Pop stars have been known to put on underwear on top of their pants/clothes so this is definitely not a first. Nor is it a first for Lady Gaga who had stepped out in a similar getup at least once before. We must admit that we're not entirely against this sort of hosiery-exhibitionism, although style-wise it does leave everyone bit flabbergasted. It also kind of makes us wonder whether the middle aged male pantyhose flasher police have been hunting for since two weeks ago, would've been seen with different eyes (read: wouldn't have been considered a criminal) had he bothered to put on a pair of flimsy panties under his tights…
OK, whether you like Gaga or not, you must admit she's much easier on the eyes in her summary getups than the above said perv, but the truth of the matter is, one wouldn't really like to see this kind of fashion statement go mainstream among her Little Monsters…or maybe one would…

Gaga's hosed-up picture hit right home with her fans indeed. It was re-tweeted countless times and the comments sections lit up.
Ever since the singer stated her intentions to fade away from the spotlight, she has apparently taken to twitter to keep in touch with her fan base, posting pictures and tweeting on an almost daily basis. She had already fired quite a few tasty shots into the ether, the latest one of them being the pants-less, pantyhosed one.

The bottom line is that Lady Gaga always knew how to shock, and this latest pantyhose fashion faux pas of hers has yet again managed to catch us off guard: we don't know whether we should be scared or delighted of the possibility that this "look" may one day find its way into the fashion mainstream. Our sense of style screams this is all so wrong, while our unbridled passion for hosiery tentatively whispers: this is just tooooo sweet! Props to Gaga for yet again having elicited this sort of response from people who thought they had seen everything hosiery-wise.

Janice Hoven