Kelly Rowland in Pantyhose

Kelly Rowland in Pantyhose October 28, 2011

   When it comes to celebrities in pantyhose, we cannot possibly leave out Kelly Rowland. Beyonce’s ex-Destiny’s Child gal-pal does rock pantyhose while performing. As to the way she looks in them tights we can only say: WOW. This girl needs to wear pantyhose. With legs like that, it would probably be a sin no to. She apparently enjoys the feeling of her hosed up legs too, as she doesn’t seem to be able to keep her hands of her own pantyhosed thighs.

The other day I just kind of barged onto a page while surfing some pantyhose related sites and saw some of Kelly Rowland’s hosed-up pictures which were apparently taken at a concert. Given the fact that she’s wearing black fishnets, and that her legs appear to shimmer under the tights, I would have to guess that she layered on the hosiery, putting on a shiny tan STW pantyhose under the fishnets for added effect. She then coupled the ensemble with a peacock-feathered leotard, ending up looking genuinely like one of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Of course I could be mistaking about the layering of the pantyhose, but it doesn’t matter: the bottom line is, she ended up hitting the nail right on the head with the look (forgot to mention her fishnets came with back-seams too), as she whipped the crowd into a frenzy quite effortlessly.

Kelly Rowland in Pantyhose Obviously, the costume was quite risqué, and it’s not something one would wear on an everyday basis, but given that she was quite definitely going for the risqué look to begin with, we have to give it to her: she pulled it off better than say 80-90% of celebrities out there.

I do realize that this is the kind of costume that people will either love or hate. Some will say it’s horrible, tasteless and tacky. Even those haters will have to admit though that Kelly Rowland pulls off the look well to say the least. Also, to create a risqué look like this is quite probably exactly the purpose for which fishnet pantyhose were invented in the first-place. All that remains to decide now is whether Kelly pulls off the look better than Beyonce…What do you think?