Kate Middleton – The Best Ambassador Pantyhose Have Ever Had

Kate Middleton in Pantyhose September 21, 2011

   Kate Middleton has raised quite a few eyebrows with her sheer pantyhose wearing ways and she’s sparked quite a bit of a fashion controversy as well. Some – mostly hosiery enthusiasts - hail her as the best thing to happen to pantyhose and nylons in general in the last 20 years. Others contend that her hosed-up legs are a simple reflection of the royal dress-code and nothing more, therefore rejoicing at the second coming of sheer shiny hosiery into the fashion mainstream is woefully premature.

Now then, according to the Royal Website, there is no such thing as an official dress-code, however, it falls within the lines of common sense that guests attending any sort of event even remotely connected to the royal family should dress formally. For women, that apparently means sheer stockings and closed-toed shoes. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the wife of the President of France seems to agree, and apparently so does Pippa Middleton who has been spotted in clear, shiny sheers herself lately.
Not everyone agrees with this unwritten dress-code, but even women who hate hosiery will have to don such nylons if they intend to rub elbows with loyalty: after all, is that such a steep price to pay for such a privilege?

Those who consider Kate Middleton’s pantyhose wearing ways the result of royal protocol fail to acknowledge though that the Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted in sheer hosiery while performing leisure activities too, so at the end of the day, it may yet come down to a personal choice for her rather than to falling in line with protocol.

Whether or not Kate Middleton’s pantyhose wearing ways have anything to do with the resurgence of mainstream pantyhose fashion, several things are already clear: in the UK, the kind of sheer hosiery worn by the royals has already seen sales sky-rocket, but then again, the old continent has always been more fashion-conscious and more receptive to such trends than the US of A. On this side of the pond, Kate Middleton and her pantyhose are yet to gain enough faithful followers to generate a fashion trend, although hosiery does seem to enjoy a re-emergence on the catwalk and in various not-exactly-mainstream locations.
More and more sources widely accepted as fashion authorities seem to grow increasingly tolerant if not fully supportive of sheer hosiery. Right now, sheer pantyhose still represent a major generational divide. Older women prefer hosiery to self tanners which often create uneven and unsightly knees and legs. They’re not exactly delighted by the fuss and generally disgusting practice of applying these tanners either, not to mention the shaving cuts.

The younger generation seems to dread hosiery for now, even though fashion icons of their generation, such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna have silently thrown their support behind the trend too.

Whether or not sheer pantyhose will become the next big thing in fashion remains to be seen. One thing seems written in stone though: one shouldn’t expect the White House to have a role in the upcoming pantyhose boom. First Lady Michelle Obama has made her viewpoint on the matter quite clear indeed.