How to put on your pantyhose

    Being as flimsy as they are and extremely sensitive when it comes to snags, pantyhose are at the greatest risk of developing a run when the wearer puts them on. I can't say this for sure, but I strongly suspect that a huge percentage of runs in nylons happen when they're pulled over the feet and up the legs. There are few things more annoying than buying a new expensive pair of pantyhose, feeling all excited about putting it on and then ruining it without ever really reaching the stage of actually wearing it.
Here's a quick guide to help you avoid unnecessary snags and runs in your pantyhose.

Before you even open the pantyhose package: use some sort of a moisturizer on your hands. Uneven nails and even rough skin can do all sorts of damage when you handle your tights. Never put pantyhose on straight from the package. Soak them into lukewarm water and wash them with hosiery soap. If you do not have hosiery soap, some dish detergent will do too. If you have no access to any detergents, just soak them in the lukewarm water and then let them dry – it's still better than putting them on right away.

Once your pantyhose are dry, moisturize your feet, paying special attention to your toe-nails and to the heel area. Moisturize your legs as well.
Get some gloves onto your hands. It is extremely important that you do not handle hosiery with bare and dry hands. Textile gloves of any sort will do just fine and so will latex gloves. If you have no access to gloves, use moisturizer on your hands paying special attention to your nails.
Roll the nylons up before you slip them over your feet, one leg at a time. When you put your toes into the pantyhose, try curling your big toes as shown in the clip below. That'll help you avoid snagging it with your toenails.
Pull the hose up your legs, little by little, alternating the legs.
Pull the waistband up into place and check for comfort. Make sure the panty part is not twisted and that the hose fits well in the crotch area.

I know what you'll say: who's going to go through all that trouble just to put on a pair of pantyhose? Let's face the music: you probably won't. Here's a shortened version of the guide, which may not be as effective at warding off runs, but it'll still be better than not taking any precautions.

Assuming that you're putting on a used pair (never skip soaking a new pair in lukewarm water), just slap some moisturizer on your hands and on your feet (nails and heel area should be your focus) before you pull out the hose from your drawer. Roll the hose up, curl your big toe and pull it over your feet one at a time. Pull the pantyhose up alternatively on both your legs. Pull the waistband into place and check for comfort.