How pantyhose are made

   How do they make pantyhose? No, it has nothing to do with little-old ladies knitting away in a sweatshop or at home. It isn't something easy either, at least it's much more difficult and painstaking than I thought. I think is quite safe to say it is impossible to do manually. Complicated machinery is needed just to weave the right kind of fabric, and creating the actual product is nothing short of magic. Take a look at the video below, you’ll see what I mean. When fashion meets cutting edge technology the result is apparently: pantyhose.

A true testimony to human ingenuity, the manufacturing process of pantyhose comes to show you how smart and resourceful people can be when it comes to creating something as enticing and beautiful as sheer nylon hosiery.

The video above does not even illustrate the way he the actual fiber used in the making of pantyhose is created. That's quite a bit of a shame though because many attributes of pantyhose can only be explained through the makeup of the fiber. For instance, how shiny your pantyhose are is determined by the amount of nylon used in the fiber. Stretchy spandex is what determines the stretchiness and pulling power of your hose. Various patterns are woven into the tights through the use of yarn of varying consistence and makeup.
Hopefully, by watching the video above you will not only get to expand your legwear knowledge, you’ll also find new respect for pantyhose.