Cool pantyhose

L'eggs pantyhose     We all know pantyhose are hot, they beautify and that they feel great on the legs. Some of them look downright phenomenal on the legs, attracting bedazzled and often envious stares from members of both sexes. Are they cool though? L'eggs, one of the most popular pantyhose brands in the US seem to think so. L'eggs are also firmly convinced that the popularity-decline of nylon hosiery has reached its low point, from where it will rebound vigorously over the next few years.

That's right folks. Pantyhose are in again and apparently pantyhose are cool too. Yeah, we know you'll say they look so 50-60s, but that look is apparently exactly what's behind their resurgence in the good-old USA. What makes L'eggs, one of the most respected and beloved hosiery makers in the US, stake their first national TV ad campaign in 14 (!) years on the premonition that hosiery is back? Apparently there are telltale signs that dresses and skirts will make a comeback and with them, guess what? Hosiery will be back as well. The company's new TV spot built around the slogan "You're in luck, you're in L'eggs" features a youthful flow and a Lucky Twice techno-dance track.
Add that to the fact that HanesBrands have recently ventured into social networking by setting up a Facebook page and a Twitter feed and you have a clear indication that the brand is trying to expand its traditional consumer base of women aged 25-54 to the 18+ age group.

The L'eggs ad spot focuses on the L'eggs Profiles line, but it's clear that the company is looking to lure younger shoppers to its entire sheers line through it.

Why does this TV spot carry such a huge historical significance for the hosiery industry? Think about it like this: the 18+ category it's aimed at was 4+ old when the last L'eggs national TV ad campaign ran. Also, think back: when was the last time you saw one of those pantyhose commercials that were all over the TV during the 70-80s?

With a distribution chain spread out over a vast range of mass merchants, drug stores and supermarkets, and with prices below $10, L'eggs are definitely in the most favorable position to kick-start the resurgence of hosiery in the US.
We here at certainly hope that pantyhose in general and L'eggs in particular will once again become the finishing touch for every outfit for the sophisticated modern woman and that they will once again be trendy for the youth too.