Christina Aguilera in pantyhose

Christina Aguilera in Pantyhose October 17, 2011

   Being the diva that she is, over the years Christina Aguilera has donned quite a number of different pantyhose. As a matter of fact, she’s quite probably covered the entire hosiery style range presented on this website and more. The interesting thing is that she’s accomplished all that while pantyhose were supposedly ‘passe’ or ‘out of style’ and she pulled it off without batting an eyelash, looking hot and impeccable all the time like a true diva should.
In case you were wondering whether she’s ever donned the oft-dreaded ‘beige monster’, the sheer, skin colored style that Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa are currently slowly but surely re-introducing into fashion mainstream, ponder no further: She has and guess what, she didn’t look one bit like a lil-ole granny while at it.
Christina Aguilera in Pantyhose Was she forced by royal etiquette to wear such nylons? She may be pop-royalty but as far as we know she has no blue blood coursing through her veins, therefore the answer to that has to be a resounding no. Eat your hearts out haters!
She’s pulled of a variety of other styles and colors too, to which many out there would say: sure, she’s got the body and the swag to do it. Well, frankly, Christina has had her fair share of struggles with her weight. One time she appeared with a more plump figure, only to show up skin and bones again a few weeks later. Currently, judging by the shape she’s exhibited during the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert she’s in another one of her ‘thunder-thigh’ phases, and guess what, she’s donned pantyhose regardless – this time black fishnets to go with her oh-so-fashionable black leotard and leather jacket.

News portals and various fashion and celebrity blogs got flooded with scathing reviews, previews, opinions and witty takes directed at Christina Aguilera’s current figure, her attire, and yes, even her pantyhose.
To us, she looked as hot as ever and we would like to take the opportunity to congratulate her on her choice of attire. Yes, she pulled it off again, and yes, she sang like an angel yet again. As for her black fishnets: she absolutely, positively rocked them. Did “Lady Marmalade get into the peanut butter again?” (witty one indeed). She may have, but who cares. According to the majority of comments posted on the various more or less negative blog posts concerning her MJ Tribute showing, most people like her this way too. The do and the makeup received more negative comments than her waist or thigh size or her pantyhose.

We’re quite sure Christina Aguilera never intended to become some sort of an ambassador for pantyhose and tights (unless she’s secretly preparing to launch her own hosiery line – which we would welcome indeed). She’s just wearing them because she (or her stylist) thinks she looks good in them, and by golly are they ever right.