Beyonce's pantyhose

   Singer and actress Beyonce Knowles is a one of the best-known pantyhose wearing celebrities and arguably one of the best looking celebrities in pantyhose. One couldn't ask for a better hosiery ambassador than her, for a whole bunch of reasons. Beyonce seems to like to wear pantyhose everywhere. She wears the waste to toe nylons during concerts, during nights out, and she has been photographed by many a paparazzo running everyday errands wearing pantyhose.

A while ago, I read a blog post about how she should forget about pantyhose, and adopt barelegged look instead. The author of that post took a rather critical stance towards Beyoncé's pantyhose wearing ways, suggesting that the look was outdated and that someone with the singer's assets shouldn't resort to covering up her legs.
The post attracted numerous views, mostly from pantyhose lovers who were probably searching for their favorite celebrity's pantyhose clad pictures. Needless to say the comments section was abuzz with people leaving all sorts of passionate comments about the blogger's views. Who would have thought that pantyhose could stir up such emotions? Apparently, readers managed to chase the blog-post off the Internet, as it is nowhere to be found anymore, which is a shame because one's own attitude should never prevent him/her from exploring both sides of the hosiery-coin. Our attitude towards Beyoncé's pantyhose here at is easy to anticipate so we are not going to reiterate it or further dissect it in any way.
Here are some pictures of Sasha Fierce herself and her nylon clad legs to do the talking for us.

beyonces pantyhose

As you can see she seems to prefer shiny tan hosiery, also known as cosmetic hosiery, on account of its ability to hide defects and to highlight the wearer's legs in all the right places. She does wear fishnets occasionally too, and it does seem like she is not into the barelegged look at all. The author of the above said blog basically told her that given the quality of her assets, the pantyhose were not necessary, but whether or not B has something to hide is anybody's guess. Regardless of that though, even if her legs are picture-perfect - which I'm sure they are - one has to consider the fact that maybe she just likes to wear pantyhose. Appearing more stylish is a move that can never go wrong with a celebrity, and so far Beyoncé has pretty much nailed the perfect look, pantyhose and all…