Adjusting Your Pantyhose

Adjusting Your Pantyhose September 08, 2011

   Regardless of how many times we’ve already said on the pages of this website: with hosiery, proper sizing and choosing good enough quality is everything, there are women/girls out there who will either not have read the advice, or who will simply ignore it. Therefore, some advice regarding the adjustment of your nylons is well in order.
The way you put your pantyhose on is extremely important: you simply cannot afford to be sloppy about that. Make sure your pantyhose are not twisted and that they’re stretched out evenly on your legs. If they fit well and are put on properly, they should not sag or fall down. The most annoying thing about pantyhose that tend to slide down is how the crotch area drops lower between your legs, impairing your walking.
Proper pantyhose shouldn’t slide down like that. If yours do, besides paying more attention when putting them on, you may want to give a thought to exploring a few different nylon brands and moving up the price-range a little.

The main recommendation in this respect would be to steer clear of the 100% nylon pantyhose and go for those that have lycra spandex in them too (which is pretty much just about every brand out there these days).
The lycra spandex makes the pantyhose not only more flexible, but less brittle too. Lycra-enhanced hosiery will hug the curves better and it will have a much better grip on the wearer’s skin. For men who wear hosiery: leg-hair will break that grip and the hosiery will slide down easier on hairy legs so by all means, do try to do something about that hair before putting pantyhose on.

Back to the ladies though: besides choosing a well-fitting, high quality pantyhose, there are a number of things one can do to prevent tights from falling down: some say wearing panties under the pantyhose does wonders in this respect. Others swear by wearing panties over the nylon pantyhose. Still others say that by making sure that the top part of the waistband is never rolled down, one can prevent sagging. If all else fails though, one has to resort to tugging and pulling, a solution not only quite socially embarrassing but rather detrimental to the integrity of the pantyhose as well.

If you do have to resort to adjusting your pantyhose, make sure you only engage in such activity in the ladies/girls’ room. When you do, try to keep your nails as far away from the delicate nylon material as possible. Some will doubtlessly end up putting a finger through their pantyhose this way. Others will create runs where they strain the material.