I Enjoy Pantyhose! – Confessions of a True Nylon Connoisseur

pantyhose blog    I do indeed, and despite the fact that pantyhose sales are down globally and that nylons take more and more flak these days from various sources (including some extremely high-level ones), I'd say that the time has never been better for being a nylon enthusiast. Tights and nylons are manufactured in better quality and more spectacular designs than ever before. As a matter of fact, each year ever more intricate and appealing models and styles appear.
What exactly is it that I appreciate about hosiery? There isn't one particular factor really, it's more of a combination of different features that combine into making the hosiery experience as enjoyable as it currently is for me.
I've heard and read women complaining about how the feeling of tights is one of encasement, of restricted motion and of general discomfort. The interesting thing is that while on some level I can connect with these complaints, some of these very feelings are what I enjoy most about hosiery.

The feeling of encasement isn't necessarily a bad one. As a matter of fact, being encased in shiny, sheer nylon from the waist down does give me a certain rush. It makes me feel protected, and in the same time the gentle compression turns the thin nylon material into a type of second skin that enhances my muscle tone (or at least it gives me that impression), conferring a general feeling of well-being and of positive 'ready to pounce' energy. I do wear panty hose for gymnastics under my leotard and in addition to preventing the leotard from riding up, it energizes my entire lower body. I do feel that going through my routines while wearing hosiery is a lot easier and in the same time more enjoyable than without hose.

The aesthetic aspect is probably a part of it as well. Looking down on pair of picture-perfect, sparkly-glossy legs is something one has to experience in order to understand. Essentially when wearing tights, one is basically dressed yet in the same time moves as freely as possible, without any type of hindrance. Of course, the tights need to be of exactly the right size as well, otherwise sagging may occur (and there is nothing pretty about that) or it may indeed end up restricting motion. The feeling of protection, the enjoyment of which I detailed above, can turn a tad itchy, annoying and sweaty after a while indeed, and that does offer an inside glimpse into the woes haters often complain about. It doesn't really take a special kind of person to like and to enjoy the feeling of panty hose. After all, generations of women during the peak of the pantyhose-fever (from the 60s pretty much all the way to the 90s) have appreciated and enjoyed it.
To me, the feel of the nylon material and of the look/feel experience that nylon tights create is like nothing else. It would be a shame to go through life without checking this experience off your list, especially if you're an image-conscious woman who takes pride in the beauty of her legs. Nobody will force you to wear it if you hate it (unless of course your employer doesn't).

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