Knee High Nylons

knee high nylons
   Knee high nylons are also known as knee high stockings. Mind you that we're not talking about the knee-high socks that are taking women's fashion by storm these days. We're talking about knee-highs made out of the same material as pantyhose. What are these knee-high stockings used for? If you wear them with trousers or long skirts, if will appear as though you're wearing pantyhose, while in fact you're not. Knee highs will basically offer you that chiseled pantyhose look, without any of the disadvantages that some people say pantyhose come with.

Another excellent use for such sheer nylon knee highs is to wear them with leggings. The pantyhose under leggings look is something quite a few women are fond of, and it too has an air of sophistication about it. Those who have tried to indeed wear pantyhose under nylon leggings however, can attest the fact that the combination isn't exactly comfortable from the heat retention perspective. In the summer, attempting to wear pantyhose with your leggings is borderline insane. Knee high stockings make it possible for you to create the look yet not suffer the consequences that would normally come with it.
Knee highs come in all degrees of sheerness, and with various patterns and styles. There are nylon knee-highs out there of the tan and shiny variety, which basically mimic some of the most common pantyhose styles. Knee high stockings come in all sorts of colors as well, so matching them to leggings, trousers and skirts of various colors and textures is extremely easy.

Black nylon knee-highs can be worn with a variety of garments as well, as they're rather flexible when it comes to matching up with other colors. Some knee-highs come with reinforced toes, while others feature sandal toes to make them as difficult to notice as possible with open toed footwear.
The reinforced band that holds the hosiery in place right under the wearer's knee can be of the thinner or thicker variety. Wider bands are called comfort bands because they distribute the pressure on the wearer's skin equally over a larger surface area.
My favorite knee-high nylons are black ones with flower or other stylish patterns on them. They have to be rather sheer and shiny as well. They work excellently with shiny black nylon lycra leggings, complimenting them in a sophisticated and stylish manner.

If you're looking for sheer nylon knee-highs, for support, for style or for comfort purposes, you really don't have to look far at all.

knee high nylons All major hosiery manufacturers make such knee-highs. In a word if someone makes pantyhose that will probably make these nylon knee-highs as well. Hanes, Aristoc, Spanx, Legg's all produce a wide selection of sheer nylon knee-high styles. There are extremely cheap no-name brands as well, but if you're looking for quality and durability, you're much better off sticking with the more expensive brands. Most nylon knee-highs come in packages resembling pantyhose packages, with the difference that there are usually two pairs in each package, so make sure you take that into account when you gauge their cost.