Before we even begin the review, let’s make one thing straight: hipsandcurves.com sell all types of lingerie (some risqué some not) for plus-sized ladies. They’re not a specialty hosiery shop, therefore we cannot give them a 5-star rating either. They do have a nice hosiery section though, which offers a decent selection of plus size pantyhose, stockings and even bodystockings.

The business is based in Southern California, so the shop is a more than handy solution for US based ladies. The operation is a serious one through and through, featuring great customer support and expert lingerie advisors. The products of the company have even been featured in Vogue Italia.
Established in 2000, hipsandcurves.com have seen a steady growth through the years. The motto of the company is to make plus size lingerie available to the public, which celebrates the beauty of the fuller female figure.
In addition to the merchandize offered for sale at the site, hipsandcurves.com offer their visitors various extras too, like informative articles and spicy stories.
The site welcomes customer feedback, so if you shop there and you find that they don’t stock a brand that you’d like to sample, let them know and they will move to acquire those products.
Rebecca Jennings is the founder of hipsandcurves.com. The idea behind the site was a simple one: she intended to create a place where curvy women could live full fabulous lives while celebrating their natural sensuality and beauty. When it comes to plus-size lingerie expertise, Rebecca knows what it’s about because she’s been there.
HipsandCurves Plus Size Lingerie
Did she succeed in achieving her objectives with hipsandcurves.com? You be the judge of that, but as far as we here at pantyhose-pantyhose.com are concerned, the answer’s a resounding yes.