Bodystockings are among the sexiest things a woman can wear and no, they are not for supermodels only. As a matter of fact, bodystockings are so forgiving and so gentle natured, that they look good on just about any body type. With all that however, considering the large variety of available styles, there are bound to be some out there that not anybody can pull off. Make no mistake, the bodystockings that do not look good on a supermodel-type body have not yet been invented, but for an average girl next door type, there are styles out there that accentuate all the wrong curves and generally make a mess out of something that could look hot with the same amount of effort.

If you like pantyhose, you will love bodystockings. Wearing bodystockings is pretty much the equivalent of being encased in pantyhose from neck to toe (sometimes including the arms). The sheer nylon material spread on every single curve and muscle of your body will make you look like a goddess, and it will probably make you feel like one too. You know that incredibly hot feeling that the gentle compression of the sheer material of the panty hose exerts on your legs and lower body? That invigorating, muscle tone enhancing feeling? Imagine the same thing spread all over your body. You know what I'm talking about…Another great advantage that bodystockings carry is that size won't usually be a problem, unlike in the case of panty hose. Most bodystockings are one-size-fits-all.
Bodystockings can be classified according to the material they're made of and according of course to style. Let us first see the various materials that are used in bodystockings.
bodystockingsLace bodystockings represent the top of the pops as far as looks are concerned. These things look pretty darn good on just about any body type. The only problem is that due to their intricate designs and often to the lack of the sheerness of the material used, they tend to be hard on the wearer's skin. Alright, okay, they itch like hell. If you know you're only going to wear them for 15 to 20 minutes, they are the ideal choice. For anything longer than that, you may want to consider a different style.

Sheer bodystockings are the epitome of hotness. They create that sheer nylons effect all over the body, generating highlights and shades in just the right places. Sheer bodystockings are almost see through but not quite and that's one of their greatest assets. They do give the fantasy something to work with yet they never reveal everything, they never kill the fun of exploring. Some women may not be comfortable strutting around in something that leaves nothing to the creative forces of imagination. Sheer bodystockings represent the best way to showing as much as possible without actually crossing the line.

As far as fishnet bodystockings go, they are a special exception among bodystockings in that size does matter when it comes to these darlings. Provided they are of the right size, they can indeed be extremely hot but pick one a size too small and you have another thing coming. I don't feel like going into graphic details on what can go wrong but it does have something to do with cold cuts and possibly ham.

Opaque bodystockings. You may have already gathered as much from this article, that in the humble opinion of the poster the appeal of the bodystockings lies in the sheerness of the material used. Well, opaque pretty much kills that. Opaque bodystockings look like something one would wear for warmth and not for showing off her body, or for enhancing her physical attributes. They surely do have their place in some ladies' underwear drawers but they're probably not something for the masses.

What other points should you consider about bodystockings? The brand should always be a major factor when purchasing one. Again, the similarities with pantyhose are obvious: quality materials make for a quality product, which in turn makes for a quality experience when it comes to wearing.
Leg Avenue is probably THE brand when it comes to bodystockings. Just run a Google search on the term and you'll see what I mean.
The price is always a factor regardless of the product we're talking about. Though body stockings do tend to run relatively cheap, due to the wear and tear (especially the tear) that they're subjected to on account of their nature, purchasing several in one go is never a bad idea.
As far as color goes, you should only ever consider black, red, white and tan, in that order. Heck, maybe even royal blue can be thrown into the middle there but it's a stretch.
If you ever get into the body stockings market with the intention of purchasing some of these wonderful items, you'll be surprised to see that a large number of them come in the crotchless variety. Now, whether or not someone likes crotchless is a matter of personal preference, and of course of the type of activity one plans to engage in while wearing the bodystocking, so I'm not going to cast any judgment on this issue.
Sleeveless or longsleeved, both varieties rock. Again, the choice comes down to the extent of coverage and encasement one is looking for in the garment. If you like to be encased as fully as possible, go for the long-sleeved variety. If you like simple lines and as much exposed skin as possible, go for the sleeveless, spaghetti strap type.

Patterns. Now this here is one issue that would deserve a section of its own. You see, patterns have the full power to make or break the overall visual effect that you achieve with your bodystocking. Patterns can lengthen the lines, increase or decrease girth and generally up the visual stakes on a whole bunch of levels. In the same time they can also take the whole setup, chew it up, spit it out and then step on it. I don't have any special recommendations as far as patterns go, because they do tend to be a subject of personal preference. Just one thing: be careful when you make your pick.

Some bodystockings come with open backs. Again, whether or not you prefer open versus closed backs is a question of how much encasement you looking for, and of personal taste really. Showing off a bare back is considered extremely appealing by most though.