Ankle High Nylons (aka Anklets)

ankle high nylons    Ankle high nylons or anklets are just like knee high nylons: they cover a much smaller area of the wearer's legs in sheer nylon than pantyhose: in this case, only the feet right up to the ankles. Given the fact that the area which covers the feet is the part of the pantyhose subjected to the biggest amount of physical stress, it is safe to assume that Ankle High nylons have their "jobs" cut out for them.
What exactly is the purpose of these anklets though? Pantyhose beautify the legs, knee highs act as pantyhose substitutes when worn under leggings or with pants. Anklets fulfill the same role, when worn with long pants: they make the wearer's legs appear to be clad in pantyhose when in fact they're not. That can come pretty handy, especially during the warmer summer months.

Anklets can come with reinforced toes or with sandal toes and non-slip or regular soles. One thing needs to be 100% spot-on about them though: their durability. Ankle high nylons feature an elastic band too, which holds them up on the wearer's ankles.
Because they're designed to wear on such a critical body-part, some anklets will incorporate slightly "unconventional" hosiery technologies like silver used in the composition of the fiber. Silver has natural anti-bacterial properties, thanks to which it will keep foul-odor-causing bacteria from proliferating, keeping the wearer's feet fresh under all circumstances.
Given the amount of wear and tear they're subjected to, anklets do not typically last as much as a high-end pair of pantyhose. 40 wash/wear cycles is a reasonable life-span for these hosiery items.
Nylon ankle highs do not cost a lot though, for the simple reason that compared to pantyhose there's a lot less material going into them and that their manufacturing process is a lot simpler as well.
Nylon ankle highs, like pantyhose come in several colors and color shades. They can also feature various patterns and their elastic band can be styled in a number of ways.